Financial Aid

At DCI Career Institute, we realize deciding how to pay for your education is an important decision. That’s why we are committed to assisting all students in developing an affordable financial plan to help achieve their educational goals. We strive to provide all students with the information, support and assistance they need to receive the appropriate financial aid for which they qualify.

DCI Career Institute contracts with numerous agencies for financial aid assistance. Qualified students may be eligible for program funding through Career Link, Job Service, Vocational Rehabilitation, programs for Veterans and/or various labor organizations. Other agency funding sources may also be available. The school also participates in the Federal Title IV financial aid programs which include the following:

Federal Pell Grant Program
Need-based grants (gift aid) to students are awarded by the federal government to those who qualify.

Federal Direct Stafford Loan
Low interest loans to students made by the federal government.

Federal Direct PLUS Loan
Loans to parents to help pay for their dependent children’s educational expenses made by the federal government

All loans, regardless of source, must be repaid pursuant to applicable regulations.

The application process for all financial aid requires the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). A completed and submitted FAFSA results in a Federal Student Aid Report (SAR/SIR), which is the basis for determining most financial aid eligibility. Please make an appointment with the Director of Financial Planning for more information.

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